Bunbury’s Tea Room & Shop at Elk Forge


Today we are excited to start the ‘soft’ opening of Bunbury’s Tea Room & Shop at Elk Forge.  The ‘soft’ opening will be this week, Jan 11-14, and next week, Jan 18-21, from 11am -5pm.  We are also taking groups of 8 or more at any time Wednesday through Saturday.  Call Elk Forge at 410-392-9007 to make your reservation today!

Some samples from our menu:

Teas – Cherry Almond, Chocolate Mint, Orange Cream, Caramel Rose Rooibus, Peppermint Leaves, Chamomile Flowers

Sandwiches – The Londoner (Chicken & Bacon Panini and Cucumber Salad), The Governess (Avocado and Tender Sprout Sandwich)

High Tea – A Pot of Tea and Scones, Lemon Cream Soup, Londoner Sandwich, Three Sweets Plate (snowball truffle, lemon cream cheese square, chocolate coconut drop), and a slice of Snowdrift Cake


  1. 1-31-2012

    Caramel Rose Rooibos? That’s a new one on usi here in the UK! We sell red and green rooibos and rooibis with buchu, but never come accross that one? Is it very sweet? a big seller?
    tea shop

  2. 4-3-2014

    I am a member of a group of women from a Newark Senior Center Aquacise class. I am interested in learning more about your Tea Room for a possible trip. There could be 8 or more of us attending. Info needed is price of High Tea, hours, days available, are stairs involved, anything you think a senior might need to know. Thank you!

  3. 4-16-2015

    Hi Anne,
    We only host groups of 15 or more for tea, and everything is on the first floor, so no stairs needed. You can call us at 410-392-9007 if you need more info.
    Hope to hear from you!

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