Elk Neck State Park

Elk Neck is your year-round, travel destination to connect with the vast landscapes and waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The park boasts 2,188 acres of sandy beaches, marshlands, and heavily wooded bluffs overlooking the North East River, the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay. As a result, there are several journeys you can take while in the park.

Tour the Light House

One journey takes you on a hike out to Turkey Point Lighthouse, a signature landmark of the park. The lighthouse is located at the southern tip of the Elk Neck peninsula. On Saturdays and Sundays (April through November between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.), you can climb up to the top of the 35-foot tall lighthouse and learn more about the history of the lighthouse from one of the park’s dedicated volunteers.

Built in 1833, this historic lighthouse sits atop a 100-foot high bluff overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse pointed the way to safe waters for nearly 175 years. Many incredible tales unfolded right here under the watchful beacon of the Turkey Point Lighthouse: stories of heroism, daunting challenges, and even tragedy. This lighthouse has been part of Chesapeake Bay history for generations, safeguarding people who have lived, worked, and traveled here.

Rules and Important Information

  • No alcohol
  • Area closed at Sunset. All visitors must exit the parking lot by sunset.
  • There is a port-o-pot at the lighthouse area.
  • There is no fee to access this area.
  • Maryland State Parks are trash free. You must take all of your trash home with you when you leave.


Follow Route 272 South, until it dead-ends in the Turkey Point parking lot. Follow the trail signs out to the lighthouse, which is 0.8 miles from the parking lot.

Visit the Beach

Another journey’s destination is our sandy beach where you can swim in the Bay and get away from the summer heat. While you are there, have a picnic with your family and friends as you relax in the shade and enjoy the Bay’s spectacular views. You can also take advantage of the canoe and kayak launch area, just north of the swim area.

An unguarded sandy beach offers swimming access on the Chesapeake Bay. The shallow waters are perfect for young children and adults alike.

You will also find over 25 picnic tables and some grills, a playground, restroom with showers, and a seasonal convenience store offering cold drinks, snacks, ice cream, sunscreen, souvenirs, and beach supplies.

Rules and Important Information

  • No alcohol. Alcohol is ONLY permitted at the shelters and ONLY if an alcohol permit has been purchased at the time the reservation was made.
  • See Pet Policy below.
  • Area Closes at Sunset. All visitors must exit the area by Sunset.
  • Maryland State Parks are trash-free. You must take all of your trash home with you when you leave.

The fee for this area is:

  • Weekends and Holidays: $3 per person for in-state vehicles. $4 per person for out-of-state vehicles.
  • Weekdays $3 per in-state vehicle. $4 per out-of-state vehicle.


Follow Route 272 South, 1/4 mile past Park Headquarters. Turn Right onto North East Beach Road.

Fishing and Crabbing:

Fishing is permitted throughout the park except at the swimming beach, where fishing poses a safety risk to other visitors. Fishing and crabbing are permitted on the piers at Rogue’s Harbor when the convenience store is closed. However, a license may be required. Always check the current regulations before fishing and crabbing.

License information:

  • Chesapeake Bay & Coastal Sport license: All waters surrounding the park are considered tidal waters and require a Chesapeake Bay & Coastal Sport fishing license unless you are under 16 years of age.
  • Non-Tidal license: The pond behind the park store requires a Non-Tidal license for anyone age 16 and above.
  • Crabbing: Seasonally, recreational crabbers may crab using seines, dip nets, and hand-lines without a license. Visit the convenience store at Rogue’s Harbor Boating Facility to purchase basic supplies and try your hand at crabbing.
  • Free fishing days: the first two Saturdays in June and July 4th.

Please reference the current regulations for seasons, size, catch, and possession limits. Licenses are not sold at the park. Call 800-918-2870 to purchase a license.

Pet Policy

Pets are ONLY allowed in the following designated areas of Elk Neck State Park:

  • Campground: The camping loops located along Stoney Point Rd. (Choptank, Elk, Miles, North East, St. Martins, Susquehanna, and Wye)
  • The Park Store
  • Trails: The Mauldin Mountain Loop (formerly known as the red trail), Turkey Point Lighthouse trail (old blue trail), Pond Loop (old green trail), the White Banks Trail, and the Beaver Marsh Loop (old orange trail)
  • Rogue’s Harbor: Year round
  • Mauldin Mountain/White Banks picnic area
  • North East Beach area: ONLY in the off-season (between the day after Labor Day and the day before Memorial Day weekend)

(Information courtesy of Maryland Department of Natural Resources)