A Mad Tea Party

March 19, 2016 1pm

at Elk Forge Inn

Enjoy a delightful High Tea with Alice and her friends in wonderland…

alice“Drink Me” – Specialty Tea Selections

“Eat Me” – White Chocolate Cherry & Orange Currant Scones

The White Rabbit’s Rarebit & the Mouse’s Pepper Munch

The Mad Hatter’s Savories: Piggy Toast Points, Chicken ‘Caterpillars’, the March Hares’ Cucumber Crunch and Magic Mushrooms.

Dormouse Delights: Lemon Tea Cookies, the Queens’ Cherry Tarts, 6:00 Zuchini Cakes, Cinnamon Apples

~Mango Mouse & Chocolate Truffle~

$35 pp at Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn

807 Elk Mills Road, Elkton, MD 21921