Our Beautiful Pink Magnolia

Many of our guests marvel at the beautiful trees that are on and around our 250 year old property. Having lived here since I was six years old I’ve become more than familiar with them, from the Black Walnuts (my least favorite) to the Osage Orange Trees (one of which is the largest in Maryland).  My favorite, however, has always been the 40 foot Pink Magnolia Tree on the right side of the house near the road.

Pink Magnolia Tree in full bloom at Elk Forge Spring 2012

What I always loved the most about it while I was growing up was how fun it was to climb, with thick, low branches that could even support an adult, it was always fun to see how high my brothers and I could climb.  The feature that most people notice is the pink tulip blossoms that bloom at the beginning of every spring.  Unfortunately this phenomenon only lasts for about a week until all of the petals have fallen and the tree is all green for the summer. 

In July of 1994 a tornado came through our property and tore down hundreds of trees on the property.  One of the trees which were damaged was our beautiful magnolia tree that we all loved.  We were worried that the damage was severe, but luckily the branches all grew back and it is as healthy as ever. 

I’ve included a few pictures that I took just 2 days ago, and our guests this weekend get to see it in full bloom.  Although anyone else wishing to see it better stop by within the next 2 or 3 days, otherwise you’ll have to wait till next year to see our favorite tree.

By: Andrew Whitley

Pink Magnolia Tree at Elk Forge B&B in full bloom in March 2012