The Snow Queen’s Tea Party

January 19th, 2013 at 1pm at Elk Forge Inn

A celebration of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale about the magic of love.

snow queen tea party elk forge inn january 19 2012

Reception: About the Mirror and it’s Pieces

The Grandmother’s White Teas and Tisanes

The Princess’s Coconut, White Chocolate and Vanilla Scones

Sweets and Savories: The Lapp Woman and the Finn Woman

The Lapp Woman’s Smorgasbord: Cod Fish, Lemon-Chicken Salad, Swedish Meatball w/ Lingonberry Glaze, Cucumber & Cream, Chevre & Watercress,

The Finn Woman’s Cardamom Bread, Snowball Truffle, Snow Angels, Danish Raspberry Kringle, Frosted Fruits.

Dessert: At The Snow Queen’s Palace

The Snow Queen’s Kisses and ‘Eternity’ Fairy Cupcake


$30 pp  (gratuity not included) Tickets: or 410-392-9007

Parting Sweets and Shopping at the Elk Forge Tea & Gift Shop

807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD 21921