Tubular Bells for Two – January 16, 2015 Tubular Bells for Two

When Mike Oldfield released his 1973 masterpiece, Tubular Bells, as the soundtrack for the film The Exorcist, it required more than 30 musicians to perform the intricate electronic score. Now, 40 years later. Just two massively talented musicians recreate the album on stage in a unique and compelling experience that is part music and part theatre. Join us to witness this compelling performance as Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts evoke the eerie beauty of one of the most memorable soundtrack in all of cinema with just four hands and four feet. “The musical equivalent of a triathlon – with bells on.” -The Scotsman

When: 8:00pm

Where: 818 N. Market St., Wilmington, DE 19801

Contact: 1-800-37GRAND