New Years’ Eve Dinner and Cocktail Party, December 31, 2015 at Elk Forge Inn

New Years’ Eve Dinner and Cocktail Party! Thursday, December 31, 2015 Dinner at 7:00 pm, Cocktail Party From 9:00 pm – 1:00 am The Sugarhouse at Elk Forge Inn   Enjoy a fabulous evening of fine foods, magical entertainment and the Decades Dance Party to see in the New Year.   Dinner Show:   December 31, 2015 at 7:00 pm Professional Magician Wayne Gonce will be entertaining during the Dinner Hour. Cocktail Reception with Chicken Satay, Raspberry Brie Puffs and Shrimp Cocktail First Course ~ Artisan Breads and Cheeses Second Course ~ Onion and Guinness Soup with Parmesan Croute Third Course ` Tender Greens with Pomegranate Berries, Crumbles Bleu Cheese, Toasted Nuts & Berry Vinaigrette Fourth Course ~ Blueberry Sorbet Aperitif Fifth Course ~ Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding – Kennett Square Mushroom & Herb Risotto – Green Beans Almandine and Roasted Root Vegetables Sixth Course ~ Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese and Toasted Coconut Icing – Chocolate Truffles Cocktail Party and Dance:  9:00 pm – 1:00 am     The Decades Dance Party with DJ, Table Magic by Wayne Gonce,                                                                      Premium Open Bar, Lavish Hor D’Oeuvres & Decadent Desert Bar.   $109 For both Dinner Show & Cocktail Dance Party (7pm-1am) $69 For Decades Cocktail and Dance Party only (9pm-1am)     $109 pp for Dinner (limited seating), Dancing and Cocktail Party – Dinner starts promptly at 7pm $69 pp for Cocktail Party and Dancing only – Cocktail Party starts at 9pm     Elk Forge Inn and Spa 807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD... read more

The ‘Scandinavian Festival of Lights’ at Elk Forge Inn, Saturday December 12, 5-10pm

The ‘Scandinavian Festival of Lights’ Christmas Open House   A unique Christmas experience of music, fine foods and entertainments.  Savor a Scandinavian Smorgasbord of fine foods. Indulge in the confectionary delights of the Northern Kingdoms. Enjoy live music and entertainments throughout the evening. Tour the Historic Inn decked out in Nordic splendor with the twelve guest rooms celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas. See the Northern Lights and Nativity recreated in our outdoor displays.  Witness the arrival of Saint Lucia and her maids. Warm your spirits with a Glogg at our Fireside Bar. Meet the Nisser fairytale-folk and receive a gift (if you are polite). Tickets $26 advance purchase   ($30 at the door) When: Saturday, December 12, 5-10 pm   at Elk Forge Inn & Spa 807 Elk Mills Rd Elk Mills MD... read more

Little Women High Tea – November 21 at 1pm. Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn

Little Women at Tea Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 1pm Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn   “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,’ grumbled Jo, lying on the rug” A pre-Christmas Victorian Tea Party Honoring Louisa May Alcott’s beloved tale Menu: First    –  “As Christmas approached, the usual mysteries began to haunt the house..” Second   –  “Filled with a housewifely wish to see her storeroom stocked with homemade preserves she undertook to put up her own currant jelly.”   Good Wives Ch. 2 Plum Scones, Vanilla Scones and Popovers served with Jelly, Cream and Homemade Lime Curd Third  –   “Her hot cheeks cooled a trifle, and she drew a long breath as the pretty glass plates went round, and everyone looked graciously at the little rosy islands floating in a sea of cream.” Little Women Ch. 11 Strawberry Soup with Cream   –   Asparagus Salad Fourth  –  “Oh there’s corned beef and plenty of potatoes, and I shall get some asparagus and lobster ‘for a relish’ as Hannah says.” Little Women Ch. 11 Lobster Salad; Biscuits with Country Ham; Corned Beef on Potato Rounds; Falling Leaves Tea Sandwich; Apple Harvest Tea Sandwich Fifth –  “There was ice cream, actually two dishes of it, pink and white, and cake and fruit and distracting French bonbons” Little Women Ch 2 Ice Cream Pink and White; Gingerbread Cake with blanc mange; French Bonbons; Sugarplums; Shaker Lemon Tarts Farewell “Muffs”   “These turnovers were an institution, and the girls called them ‘muffs’—for they had no other and found the hot pies very comforting to their hands on cold mornings.” Little Women Ch.... read more

A Murder Mystery Dinner – October 30 at 7pm. Elk Forge Inn and Spa

Update:  This event has been postponed until October 2016 A Murder Mystery Dinner Friday, October 30, 2015 at 7pm Elk Forge Inn & Spa We will serve up clues with every delectable course as you dine in style with your elegant hosts, the Evershams. $79 /pp (limited seating) Elk Forge Inn and Spa 807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD... read more

August Sunflower Tea and Fall Fashion Show, August 15th, 1pm at Elk Forge Inn

August Sunflower Tea and Fall Fashion Show Saturday – August 15th 2015, 1pm Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn   First – Ginger Peach Black Tea; Jasmine Green Tea; Lemon Meadow Honeybush Tisane Second – Sunflower Whole Wheat and Shoepeg Scones with Apricot Jam, Apple Butter, Sweet-spiced Cream Third – Summertime Gazpacho Soup Crudité Cups with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Fourth – Savories~ Marigold Curried Egg Salad; Piquant Lump Crab Balls; Lemon and Parsley Chicken; Benedictine Cucumber Tea Sandwich; Fresh Peach and Brie Tea Sandwich Sweets~ Chocolate Mouse with Raspberries, Spiced Peach Crisp with Oatmeal Coconut Topping; Lemon Blossom; Sugar Cookie Flowers Fifth – Esther’s’ Icebox Marmalade Cake $30 /pp (limited seating) A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Wayfarer’s House, a local women & children’s shelter. Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn 807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD... read more

A Midsummer Nights’ Wine Dinner – July 17 at 7pm. Elk Forge Inn and Spa

A Midsummer Nights’ Wine Dinner Friday, July 17, 2015 at 7pm Elk Forge Inn & Spa     A woodland evening of Shakespearean delights enhanced by wine tastings from Dove Valley Winery.   Act I   “Stir up the Athenian youth to merriments; Awake the pert and nimble spirit of mirth” Theseus Oysters with Champagne Foam ~ Honeyed Figs ~ Poultry Tartlets Wine – Miss Bianca   Act II   “Thou speakest aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night.” Robin Goodfellow-Puck Manchit Bread ~ Cheshire Cheeses ~ Mushroom Pottage Wine – Merlin Merlot   Act III   “What angel wakes me from my flow’ry bed?“ Titania Herbed Salmon ~ Elizabethan Herb and Flower Salad with Honey Dressing ~ Love Apples Wine – Pinot Noir   Act IV   “Truly, a peck of provender: I could munch your good dry oats. Methinks I have a great desire to a bottle of hay: good hay, sweet hay, hath no fellow.” Bottom Tender Roast of Beef ~ Medley of Roots with Oat Lace ~ Sperage (Asparagus) Wine – Dove Valley Red   Act V   “Joy, gentle friends! Joy and fresh days of love Accompany your hearts!” Theseus Custard Pye with Chocolate Drizzle ~ Marchpane ~ Gilded Fairings ~ Strawberries and Cream Wine – Reisling   ~A Gift of Gilded Fairings as you wend your way ~ “So, good night unto you all. Give me your hands, if we be friends, And Robin shall restore amends.” Robin Goodfellow-Puck       $79 /pp (limited seating) Elk Forge Inn and Spa 807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD... read more

A Lady Godiva Tea – Saturday, May 16 at 1pm. Bunbury’s Tea

A Lady Godiva Tea Saturday, May 16th at 1pm Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn   This Anglo-Saxon benefactress and muse left her mark at the turning of the last millennium—famous ride or no. Learn the art of Tea Tasting and Pairings as you enjoy a full tea service with an everlasting pot of tea and assortment of sweet nothings.   Menu: First – Lady Godiva Black Tea; ‘Gift of God’ White Tea; Rose Tisane Second – Dark Chocolate Scones and White Chocolate-Raspberry Scones served with Jam, Clotted Cream and Curd Third – Cotswold Broth, English Pea Salad Fourth – Savories~ Strawberry Chicken Lady Fingers; Cornish Beef Steak Pasty; Angels on Horseback; Welch Rarebit Fingers; Watercress Tea Sandwich Fifth – Sweets~ Honey Spice Tea Cake; Maids of Honor; Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles; Sticky Toffee Cookies Sixth – Lady Godiva Cake with Wine-macerated Berries   $30 /pp (limited seating) A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Wayfarer’s House, a local women & children’s shelter. Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn   807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD... read more

A Downton Abbey Tea – April 18, 1pm. Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn

A Downton Abbey Tea Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 1pm Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn       From the Titanic to the Teapot Dome Scandal history is recounted in the lives of the aristocracy and working class in this famed production. Learn the etiquette of ‘taking Tea’ whether at home or on a visit to the Abbey.   Menu: First Finest Jade Pouchong Black Tea; West Lake Green Tea and Lavender Tisane Second Orange Cream and Date Nut Scones served with our Homemade Lemon Curd, Jam and Devonshire Cream Third Creamy Lemon Soup with fresh-snipped Chives Cucumber and Fresh Herb Salad Fourth Savories~   Turkey and Dried Fruit Pate; Chopped Egg and Cress; Smoked Salmon and Chive Tea Tarts; Feta, Lemon and Mint; Waldorf Celery Boats Sweets~ Fresh Crumpets; Lavender Fairy Muffins; Rosemary Shortbread; English Trifle Fifth Carrot-Pineapple Tea Cake w/ Pineapple-Lady Grey Glaze $30 /pp (limited seating) A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Wayfarer’s House, a local women & children’s shelter. Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn   807 Elk Mills Rd, Elkton, MD... read more

George and Martha – A Love Story Tea, March 21, 2015. Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn

Update: This tea was originally scheduled for Feb 21.  We have moved this tea to March 21st in place of the Easter Bonnet Tea due to inclement weather. George & Martha: A Love Story Tea        March 21, 2015 at 1pm Bunbury’s Tea Room at Elk Forge Inn   Take Tea as the Washington’s’ enjoyed at Mt Vernon with Martha’s own ‘receipts’ of George’s favorite dishes. We will explore the history and mystery of Tea, as well as its’ arrival in the Americas and impact on our history.   First: Courtship   –   Tea & Scones The Washington’s favorite China Black and Green Teas.  Vanilla and Cherry Scones served with jam and cream “There is a destiny which has the control of our actions, not to be resisted by the strongest efforts of human nature.” G. Washington   Second: Marriage   –    Soup & Salad Peanut Soup & Salad Greens with Colonial Mustard Vinaigrette “My manner of living is plain. I do not mean to be put out of it. Those who expect more, will be disappointed, but no change will be affected by it.” George Washington                 Third: In Love and War   –    Savories & Sweets Butter & ‘Cowcumbers’, Oxford Kates Sausage, Pickled Herring, Chicken Pie, Nut Tart, Cherry Bread & Butter Pudding, Martha’s Bon-bon “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.” Martha Washington   Fourth: Mount Vernon   –   Dessert Martha Washington’s Great Cake with Simple Tea Syrup... read more

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